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Leadership Webinar: Collaboration for Impact – conversations about adaptation in these times

May 7th 2020
12.30pm – 1.30pm (AEST)

In conversation with Kerry Graham and Liz Skelton

Societies are changing in ways outside of our control, we have the power to influence these changes by how we respond.

No matter how this pandemic plays out, the world as we know it will be different. This is an extraordinary moment in time and with appropriate containment, skills and space to reflect, will determine our capacity to come out of this stronger, more confident and empowered. This is the time to lean into the losses, be fully present to the pain and collaborate towards emergent possibilities.

Strengths and vulnerabilities are emerging day by day.  Old ways of doing things are changing overnight. Where something was once deemed unthinkable, it is now becoming normal. We are facing major questions, requiring us to listen, learn and enquire to create pathways for our emerging future.

Collaboration for Impact is beginning a series of reflections and conversations about adaptation in these times and what it means for all changemakers working in place, at scale and those taking up and enabling leadership.

In this webinar you will hear from Liz Skelton and Kerry Graham, co-founders and Directors of Collaboration for Impact (CFI). Working in uncertainty with agility and contributing to creating the conditions for a more equitable and inclusive Australia is the foundation for their practice and leadership.

In this webinar they will discuss what it means for them in their roles, observations on the lessons from the field and they will offer some specific examples of practices to support you in these times as you collaborate for impact.

Liz and Kerry will scope out some of the questions and themes they are exploring at Collaboration for Impact around tackling complex challenges, taking up leadership, how we understand systems, roles and relationships and ourselves.

To build the conversation to meet your needs at this time we are inviting you to submit your questions by May 5th.

We also encourage you to read:

8 Emerging Lessons from Corona virus to Climate Change by Otto Scharmer (18 minute read)

This is a free service from Collaboration for Impact. Please feel free to share and invite others in your networks.

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