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Aboriginal Insights Cultural Education

Jolleen Hicks, founder, and lead cultural advisor, Aboriginal Insights is pleased to share the following update on her unique cultural education products that are all about empowering respect, relationships, and outcomes.

Workshop – Empowering Respect & Relationships

Online Learning Courses

For a flexible learning option that can reach your entire workforce in a sort period of time, I offer two online learning courses. I have designed and recorded these video’s myself.

Course 1: Cultural Awareness 101

Although I have decided to call this Cultural Awareness 101, it goes into depth about cultural differences that most Australians are unaware of. The topics covered are unique to my lived experiences and knowledge. The main topics covered include:

      • The Myths
      • Many Separate Cultures
      • Aboriginal Identity
      • Core Cultural Differences
      • Recognise & Respect Traditional Owners
      • Truth & Reconciliation
    • Two hours of video content
    • Standard rate of $199 + GST pp
    • Reduced rates for licences for 100 or more staff
    • Cultural Awareness 101 Course – Aboriginal Insights Courses

Many workplaces have Aboriginal specific commitments relating to employment. This is usually expressed by numbers and percentages. The next step is to learn the identities of your Aboriginal employees; their cultural differences; and how to retain them.

This course would serve as a great induction for all staff. The impact is that all staff have the same baseline education. It is also a way to respond to the risks associated with ignorant and racist attitudes of staff that may impact your organisations reputation.

Course 2: Developing Your Aboriginal Engagement Strategy (includes access to Course 1)

This is where I go into detail about how to engage with Aboriginal People, based on your purpose and target audience. There is not just one Aboriginal Community. There are many. I explain the three separate types that I recognise and how to learn about the cultural differences of your Aboriginal Community to then INFORM how you engage with them. No two Aboriginal Communities are the same. The main topics covered include:

      • Aboriginal Insights Definitions
      • Type 1 Aboriginal Community
      • Type 2 Aboriginal Community’
      • Type 3 Aboriginal Community
      • Opportunities – Cultural Education, Training, Employment, and Business
      • Aboriginal Leadership and Accountability
        • Bonus topic on Embedding Respect & Relationship in Native Title
      • Last Wangga (Words)
    • 2.5 hours of content
    • Developing Your Aboriginal Engagement Strategy – Aboriginal Insights Courses


Book: Essential Aboriginal Insights, A guide for anyone involved in Closing Gaps in Australia

This book is best used to complement the Workshop or online courses. However, it is also a great baseline education tool for all staff.

  1. $48 per book (print), Essential Aboriginal Insights Book – A guide for anyone involved in closing the gaps in Australia
  2. $29 per book (e book), Essential Aboriginal Insights: A Guide for Anyone Involved in Closing Gaps in Australia eBook : Hicks, Jolleen: Kindle Store


If you are interested in more information or have specific questions, please contact Jolleen on:

M: 0429 816 693



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