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John Flynn Placement Program

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Calling any potential Hosts and Community Contacts for the John Flynn Placement Program!

The John Flynn Placement Program is a program whereby Australian medical students spend two weeks each year over three or four years working alongside a rural doctor (their Mentor), experiencing the diversity of rural practice and expanding their hands-on skills.During their rural placement, most students reside with a Host and are provided a Community Contact who gives them an exclusive insight into the social and cultural life of rural Australia.

Hosts provide a place of residence for the JFPP Scholars whilst they are on their placement. The duration of a placement can range from two to four weeks and mainly takes place over the summer months or the winter university break. In addition to a Host role, a Community Contact provides orientation and ongoing support to Scholar’s, while assisting them with social and lifestyle aspects of the community. Both a Host and Community Contact are the key link between the JFPP Scholar and the community.

Hosting JFPP Scholar’s is an opportunity to showcase the rural community that you call home and the benefits of living in rural Australia. Your participation as a Host and/or Community Contact in the JFPP, will encourage medical students to return to rural communities as medical practitioners in the future.
Hosts are provided an honorarium payment of $400 per placement week and Community Contacts are provided an honorarium payment of $175 per placement week.

To be eligible, Hosts and Community Contacts must reside in a non-metropolitan location and undertake a Police Check to be able to participate in the JFPP. Hosts and Community Contacts will be allocated a Scholar only if there is an available Mentor in the same location.
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